The School

The school that we are sending the children to is St Peters Primary school in Kajuki, Kenya

Meet the Students:

  Recently, we received letter that the students wrote to us

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Fr. Joe

Original founder of St Peters School
I want this community to be self reliant.  I don't want them to be beggars" Father Joe – 2010,

  Fr. Joe died in a car crash in 2011.

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 Denis Mwenda

Joseph Mwenda

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Who we are​​:

We are Sam and Lana, brother and sister in the 12th and 9th grade.  We met Fr. Franklin when he was here on sabbatical at our local church, St. James.  He told us about his church and the school, and his struggle to educate the children. After hearing about this we decide to start our own charity and 5k. In January 2014 we organized our first 5K and raised $1940.00, enough for 5 kids to go to school for one year.   We held our second run last may and raised $3215.00 and added two more students.  This year we were able to raise enough to continue with their education. Additionally, we will be selling products at our local farmers market to continue paying for their education

Our Mission

At SLT Charity we aim to rebuild hope where it has been lost and to work with those in need.  Our focus lies in community efforts.  


 Terry Mwende

*All Checks made out to:
St. James Church,

in memo write Fr. Franklins 5k.

Direct Donations welcomed

Donations so far: $8,335.00 

​Our Previous 5K's

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 Beth Kangai

The School and its founders

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100% Of our profit goes to sending the Children in Kajuki, Kenya to school

​​ Denis Mawira

The Father Franklin Foundation

SLT Charity

 Doreen Mukami

​​​​​​SLT Charity​

​​​Fr. Franklin

Currently Runs St Peters School

​After the loss of Fr. Joe, Fr. Franklin took over.  He is committed to educating the children.  


​​​​​​Mail donations to:

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